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Fun Garden Science

Explaining Peculiar Garden Phenomena

Why do some tomatoes have “noses”?  A couple years ago, a colleague told me about a funny visit to a school garden. Some of the students had discovered a tomato with a protrusion. They decided that the unusual bump extending from the otherwise spherical tomato was a nose, and proceeded to parade around the schoolyard […]

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Summer Zucchini Bread

Every so often when I venture out into my garden, I will find a gigantic zucchini that is fun to look at, but not so much to eat. I prefer to eat zucchini when they are small to medium-sized. Zucchini bread is my favorite way to utilize those super-sized zucchinis, that I would otherwise eat […]

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Farmscape is Hiring

Urban Farmer Opening!

Farmscape is seeking a part-time urban farmer. Job Responsibilities: Make weekly visits to yards of Farmscape members at regularly scheduled times Manage all aspects of annual vegetable cultivation from planning and planting plots to leaving a harvest on each member’s doorstep Keep detailed records during weekly visits Maintain good relationships with members, both in-person and […]

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Spring Update

Breaking Ground in SF and Tons of Tomatoes

As the flurry of activity surrounding spring season switch here at Farmscape slows, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on progress since our last update in January. This spring, we opened an office in the San Francisco Bay area, our first office outside of metro Los Angeles. The reception that we received from […]

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Brix Testing, Revisited

How Sweet are Farmscape Carrots?

Three years ago, Sean Williams wrote one of my favorite Farmscape blog posts. In the post, he used Brix testing to measure the sugar content of Farmscape tomatoes against those from the grocery store and farmers market. His findings confirmed our intuition: Farmscape tomatoes taste objectively better. As I was harvesting the last carrots of […]

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