Elisa Daus
Elisa Daus


Cultivating Community Through Farms

Over the past five years, the phrase “Agrihood” (Agricultural Neighborhood) has crept into mainstream consciousness as homeowners prioritize a connection with food and nature. Our project  at Chesapeake Point Apartments in San Mateo, fifteen miles south of downtown San Francisco, illustrates that desire.  The apartments are nestled within the Redwood Shores Sloughs, on a small peninsula jutting out into the water. As I harvest and maintain their fifteen raised beds, a variety of birds and other wildlife from the ocean slowly meander along the waterway. Every week, I deliver baskets of food to their front office, where the local residents can pick up fresh, locally grown harvest.

As an Urban Farmer for Farmscape, I enjoy farming at Chesapeake and our other Agrihoods. In addition to the weekly harvest available in the front office, we offer classes that teach seasonal organic gardening to residents.

Chesapeake is managed by Prometheus, a multi-family real estate developer.  Prometheus builds and manages properties throughout the west coast, specializing in the acquisition, development and management of high-quality residential and commercial properties. We have worked with them on a few projects,  where we designed, installed, and now maintain sites like Chesapeake.

In addition to our partnership with Prometheus, we work with Montiavo Apartments in Santa Maria, CA. Like Chesapeake, Montiavo is a multi-family community that recently installed a large community garden for their residents. We have served as consultants throughout the construction process.  Now that the community garden is built and had a successful grand opening, we offer seasonal workshops, teaching first-time gardeners how to successfully grow vegetables.

As the Agrihood trend grows, we’re looking forward to working with developers throughout the design, construction and maintenance phases of these new projects as they look to add cutting-edge amenities for a new generation of homeowners.