Spring Planting at Faithful Farm

Shiso, Chard and Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Spring is here, summer is just around the corner, and Faithful Farm is 100% planted with summer goodness! It’s been no small undertaking.  After harvesting the remaining winter vegetables – our final haul weighed in at just over 100 pounds – we began the laborious process of preparing our soil for summer planting.  We added […]

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Urban Farming with Recycled Water

A visit to the Advanced Water Purification Center

John Steinbeck notably wrote in East of Eden: “And it never failed that during the dry years the people forgot about the rich years, and during the wet years they lost all memory of the dry years.”  I couldn’t agree more. In the middle of this rainy season, marked by weekly torrential downpours (and a […]

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The Buzz about Biochar

Field-testing a new Soil Amendment

There’s a new hip product on the agricultural block that’s generating a lot of buzz: biochar.  Proponents point to a number of environmental benefits including: carbon sequestration, increased soil fertility, improved water quality due to reduced runoff, and increased agricultural yields.  Sound too good to be true?  It could be.  But it also has the […]

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