Sarah Zmay
Sarah Zmay

Corporate Farms Grow in Fremont

At Swagelok and Mentor Graphics

An industrial park seems like the last place that you would find an urban farm. However, two corporate farms are thriving in the Bayside Technology park, located in the Bay Area suburb of Fremont. 

Fremont Corporate Campus
Swagelok Urban Farm

In 2014, Swagelok, a company that values health among their employees, decided they wanted to replace their outdated front lawn with a more ‘tasteful’ landscape. They commissioned Farmscape to create a beautiful farm for their employees to promote healthy eating. Today, with 15 fruit trees and 8 raised garden beds, the small company farm functions as a living farmers market, producing 1,000 pounds of fresh produce annually. 

Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics Urban Farm

Just as seeds germinate, the idea of having a small farm took root in the industrial park. Across the street, Mentor Graphics decided a farm would be a great addition to their campus. The small farm is appropriately tucked away right outside of their cafe, where chef Mark Wucher uses the produce for veggie dishes. This creates a truly a farm-to-table experience: employees dine among the ten planter boxes, eating sopes with steamed broccolini, picked fresh from the garden that morning. 

This year, Swagelok is upping the ante and converting the rest of their lawn space to urban farm. We will be adding 6 raised beds to grow heirloom tomatoes and basil for the staff. We’re looking forward to the abundant summer harvests.