Corey Mikami
Corey Mikami

Golden-crowned Sparrow

A Jewel of the Peninsula?

You may hear the sweet tunes of the Golden-crowned Sparrow before you set your vision upon it.  Its earth-toned feathers and ability to camouflage itself allows this bird to successfully consume all kinds of foliage, fresh seedlings, and in particular, the edibles that we grow at Farmscape.

These creatures spend their time in small groups and are commonly found in Atherton, Santa Clara and surrounding areas. Although we enjoy observing their beauty, their hobby is persistently chomping on some of their favorite foods growing in your garden (and ours). A telltale indication is the presence of sharp pecking marks on your foliage. Our farmers set up nets and other contraptions to keep them out, but the Golden-crowned Sparrow is very intelligent. They fly around the netting, investigate all sides, and look for a weak spot where they can break-in and dine upon your garden. 

Here at Farmscape we are skilled at working with nature, not against it. We are thorough and effective in setting up netting to protect your delicious veggies for your consumption, alone. With that in place, the next time you hear the Golden-crowned Sparrow’s distinctive three-note whistle, you can simply enjoy the moment and not worry about these intelligent creatures dining at your expense!