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Pancakes for Plant-Lovers

  So it’s late-winter and your garden is bumpin’. So much kale, chard, enormous scallions, and your parsley is finally established and loaded with foliage. It’s that time of year when those with beautiful, bountiful gardens begin to secretly think, “I don’t know how many more plant leaves I can eat!” Don’t feel ashamed. Even […]

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Setting the Stage for a Greener LA

Urban Ag and the LA River

Miriam is a Junior at Oberlin College (OH) who interned with Farmscape over her January term. Looking at the Los Angeles River today, it’s hard to believe that it was once the lifeblood of the native Chumash and Tongva tribes and subsequently the water source which made Los Angeles the agricultural capital of California. Since […]

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Case Study: lazybones Farm

Transforming a vacant lot into an outdoor showroom

Late this past summer we were approached about a potential urban farm project by the Australian company, “lazybones,” slated to open their first U.S. location late in 2014 in the Los Angeles area. The company hails from the Byron Bay area of New South Wales, Australia, an area known for its counter culture and “back […]

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Farmscape + Menlo Park Community Farms

Thanks to Rotary Club member Joanna Jones, Farmscape was able partner up with the Belle Haven community  to build this really groovy farm. The community is going to grow annual vegetables as well as some unusual produce items. For instance, Jose wants to grow sugar cane for juicing, and many of the members want to […]

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AB 551 in Oakland and Los Angeles

There’s a lot happening regarding urban farming policy in the Bay Area. Since we’ve opened our office in March, we’ve seen the adoption of AB 551, The Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act, on the state level. Simply put, the law states that property owners who lease their land to urban farmers for a 5 year […]

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