At Farmscape, we love to partner with companies that share our ethos. This includes a commitment to the environment, along with providing good jobs and delicious food. We are thrilled to be working with Clif Bar at their Emeryville headquarters as they set many of the standards for workplace health and wellness in the Bay Area. As we work in the garden, we love seeing the staff bike into work and grab breakfast at the delicious Kali’s Kitchen onsite. You can tell from the vibe of the staff that they love it here, and it’s a pleasure to grow food for them!

The garden project started over a year ago as part of an office re-design. During that process, we worked with them to convert an old bocce ball court into a garden area. It was an ideal location since it’s flat with crushed oyster shell topper (similar to decomposed granite) that could be used for pathways around the seven raised beds that we installed. To pack as much food into the space as possible, we also planted espaliered fruit trees across the back of the garden fence. At maturity, these trees will provide Chef Scott Erickson with produce year-round.

Chef now puts the garden to use on a daily basis, as he prepares healthy and vegetable-inspired wraps, bowls, salads and entrees for the bustling corporate cafe. He was a huge booster for the project, carrying it through several building redesigns and we’re grateful for his stewardship throughout. Now he gets to enjoy his full-sun bocce garden, while reinforcing a core Clif Bar principal: reducing their carbon footprint. We help them meet that goal by walking the harvest a mere 150 steps from the garden to the kitchen. We also use water-efficient drip irrigation, which is less likely to evaporate and ensures that 90% of the water we use goes directly to the roots of our plants.

Another aspect of sustainabilty, of course, is how people fare. Farmscape has always aspired to provide staff with all the tools they need for their financial and physical health, including competitive wages, retirement savings, health care, and educational opportunities. Clif Bar has the same commitment to employee experience, albeit at a grander scale than our 35-employee enterprise. It’s impressive to watch how a larger company carries these goals forward as they grow. We’re grateful for the weekly inspiration from the Clif Bar team!

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