Los Angeles-based Farmscape expands into the Bay Area, looking to encourage sustainable living for both their clients and their employees

San Francisco, CA – Farmscape, a Los Angeles based company specializing in creating urban farming solutions for both private homeowners and corporations, is bringing its own brand of sustainability to the San Francisco Bay Area. Farmscape has been working with homeowners and businesses in the Los Angeles area since 2009, building environmentally friendly custom gardens to grow food right in their own backyards. Farmscape’s ethos is to create beautiful spaces that nourish the Earth and the people around you. The result is sustainable landscaping and wonderful fresh produce for clients.

Farmscape integrates sustainability into their business culture, building a team of skilled famers paid living wages and offered benefits such as health care and educational incentives. Most employees in the landscaping industry earn less than what would be considered a living wage and are offered minimal benefits. Farmscape’s focus on maintaining a team of employees who are highly skilled, and who can afford to live in the communities they serve, puts Farmscape ahead of the curve of other landscaping companies. Lara Hermanson, co-owner of Farmscape comments on the importance of attracting an excellent team, “Providing a living wage and benefits attracts great farmers, and great farmers are essential to the experience we provide for our clients.” Farmscape’s focus on fostering a high quality of life directly translates into an exceptional client experience, and serves as a model for other companies in their industry.

Farmscape’s approach to creating client experience makes them true innovators in their industry, and it starts with their team. Highly skilled farmers help clients tend their gardens and provide an education in agriculture to those who are interested. Many of those who take advantage of this opportunity to learn are the children of families the company works with, turning their backyards into science classrooms.

With a team of 10 already in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area is the next natural move for Farmscape. San Francisco has long been a leader in worker’s rights. With one of the highest minimum wage rates in the country, mandatory sick leave for all employees within city limits and health care requirements for employees working at qualifying businesses, San Francisco has led the nation in protecting the rights of employees working within its borders.

The City of San Francisco’s commitment to worker’s rights is matched only by its commitment to the environment. City policies have long championed the cause of keeping San Francisco a beautiful place to live and work. San Francisco has one of the most liberal urban farming policies in the nation, allowing agricultural activity across the city. City Hall’s other acts of environmental stewardship include policies that range from banning plastic garbage bags to a recently proposed ban on water bottles. Sustainability has itself been a focus of City policy makers and the community for some time.

Farmscape’s focus on building a sustainable way of living for their clients, with the help of a sustainable workforce, makes them a welcome addition to San Francisco’s business landscape. Farmscape will be launching in the Bay Area on March 17, 2014.

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Urban Farming Leader Farmscape Brings Sustainable Living Wage Jobs to the Bay Area