Location: Los Angeles, March 2018 – August 2019 / Scope: Backyard / Services: Design, Installation, Maintenance

We designed and built this backyard farm space for a client in Altadena interested in making local food production a significant part of her family’s lifestyle. The property already included a large avocado tree, along with citrus and pomegranates. Building on these existing elements, we added:  

  • Raised beds for vegetable production, protected by a walk-in enclosure
  • Landscaping around the enclosure, including a peach tree, perennial herbs and beneficial plantings 
  • Chicken coop with pitched corrugated metal roof, nest boxes, roost and integrated chicken run
  • 3-bin compost system
  • Passionfruit to cover metal fencing
  • Raised bed for herbs and cut flowers adjacent to house for convenient access