Corporate Farms Grow in Fremont

At Swagelok and Mentor Graphics

An industrial park seems like the last place that you would find an urban farm. However, two corporate farms are thriving in the Bayside Technology park, located in the Bay Area suburb of Fremont.  Swagelok Urban Farm In 2014, Swagelok, a company that values health among their employees, decided they wanted to replace their outdated front lawn […]

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Baby Carrot-Top Pesto

Carrot-tops—they’re quite the shady character in the garden. On one hand you have their often-touted high nutrient content (unless they’re not organic, in which case chemicals from the soil can be concentrated in the tops. No thanks.). On the other hand, they can be papery, gritty, overly “planty” tasting, an inevitable throw-away compared to that […]

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A Look Back at 2015

A Review of Projects, Trends and Crops

Farmscape turned seven in 2015 and it was another successful year as a business. We tackled 92 new projects and hired 8 new farmers. Here’s a look at some of our favorite projects from the past year, trends we observed, and a preview of food and urban farming trends that we anticipate in 2016: 1. […]

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Farmscape is hiring!

Full-Time SF Valley Urban Farmer position available

Farmscape is seeking a full-time Urban Farmer to maintain residential and school gardens predominantly in the San Fernando Valley Area. A Farmscape Urban Farmer… Maintains all assigned farms at schools and residences at regularly scheduled times. Tracks planting or replanting times, solves pest and disease problems, amends soil, harvests produce, repairs irrigation issues, etc. Acts […]

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Charred Summer Salad

Grilling Your Summer Favorites

It’s summer and you want to grill everything. Toast for breakfast? Fire up the grill! Reheating half a sandwich for lunch at work today? Better throw the grill in the back of the car! Your friends are giving you flack for carrying tongs around in your back pocket everywhere. You espouse the primitive fullfilllment of […]

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