Multi-Family Projects

Nothing fosters community like food! Farmscape works directly with developers and design teams to create food-focused communities using two types of projects: Agrihoods and Farm Parks. Both project types encourage residents to participate through volunteering, farmers’ markets and seasonal events.


Agrihoods are defined by the Urban Land Institute as “multifamily or mixed-use communities built with a working farm as a focus.” These multi-acre projects build soil through row crops, orchards and perennial hedgerows.

Farm Parks

Farm Parks offer a similar experience on an infill scale and can include raised beds, small orchards and gathering spaces.

Multi-family Projects

Multi-Family Benefits

For Residents

  • Gain access to fresh organic produce
  • Have conservatorship of a unique space to reconnect with nature – and each other
  • Contribute to a healthier neighborhood environment for all
  • Reduce water usage and build healthy soils

For Developers

  • Offer an affordable and attractive amenity
  • Boost public support for your development
  • Create a strong branding and marketing opportunity