Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Farmscape?

Our brand of sustainable landscaping marries local food crops with landscape plants that thrive in California’s summer-dry climate. Our gardens feed you, provide a habitat for pollinators and use 70% less water than traditional landscapes. We design, install and maintain Farmscapes for residential homes, multi-family developments and commercial spaces. Visit our projects page to learn more.

When is the best time of year to start Farmscaping?

Anytime! We have a year-round growing climate in most of California, and it provides us with the opportunity to both install and plant gardens continually. There are better times of year to plant certain plants (fruit trees and California natives, for example), and the sooner you start the planning process, the better opportunity we have to time the project around those more ideal windows.  

What are the benefits of sustainable landscaping in California?

California provides us with an incredible year-round growing climate and a wide range of plants that flourish in the region. We are able to grow most fruits, vegetables and herbs — except those that require harsher winters to succeed — as well as a variety of California native and California-friendly plants, to attract pollinators and provide year-round color to your landscape.

What are urban farms and why is urban farming important?

Urban farms are a key component of developing a less centralized and more resilient food system. Locally grown food tastes better, has a lower carbon footprint and allows you to enjoy a wider variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs than you’ll find at the grocery store or farmers’ market.

What is organic farming and why is organic farming important?

Organic farming means growing without the aid of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and instead building soil through the application of compost and organic amendments. Using organic practices improves long-term garden fertility, decreases nitrate runoff and means you’re able to enjoy produce that hasn’t been in contact with synthetic pesticides.

How much does Farmscaping cost?

Our projects range widely in cost depending on the scope and context, from a handful of raised beds at a single-family home to a multi-acre farm in an Agrihood setting. For residential projects, our installations generally start at $10,000 and go up from there depending on scope. To get a better idea of what your specific project might cost, please submit your information on our contact page and schedule your free initial conversation.


We create beautiful, sustainable gardens for homeowners that combine organic food crops with native, low-water landscaping ideal for California’s summer-dry climate.

Working directly with developers, HOAs and property managers, we create both large-scale agrihoods and smaller farm parks that allow residents to enjoy fresh, delicious food in the heart of their community.

Farmscape creates stunning, food-focused spaces for clients including Fortune 500 companies, Michelin-starred chefs and World Series Champions — tailoring the crop list and layout to your needs.