Our trusted farmers visit and maintain your Farmscape regularly, ensuring your garden will provide you with fresh, nutritious and hyperlocal food, season after season.

An illustration of green tomatoes.

Our farmers get to know you, learning about the foods you prefer and how you like to prepare them, so we can grow just the right crops for you.

Our approach is derived from organic and sustainable farming practices, as refined through our extensive field experience, and we provide in-depth training and development for our farmer team.

We deliver timely and consistent maintenance to manage garden challenges, like temperature changes and irrigation issues, to keep your garden flourishing all season long.

Every Farmscape is designed with maintenance in mind, taking into account your budget, objectives and the amount of food you want to grow, right from the start.

Maintenance Process

Maintenance Areas

Vegetable Gardens

We take care of every step of the growing process to cultivate farm-fresh produce you can enjoy from your own backyard. (See Vegetable Garden Maintenance, below.)

Fruit Trees

Home orchard trees are typically semi-dwarf varieties and maintained to a height of 8′-10′ at maturity, allowing us to prune and harvest fruit from the ground. With the right planning, your orchard can be harvested year-round: stone fruit, figs and berries in summer; apples and pomegranates in fall; abundant citrus in the winter and spring, with different varieties of avocados yielding throughout.

Summer-dry Landscaping

California natives and summer-dry perennials don’t require the weekly attention that your vegetable garden does, but their care is just as essential. We regularly monitor their health, adjust irrigation, add mulch and prune seasonally as appropriate to keep your Farmscape looking lush from season-to-season.

Vegetable Garden Maintenance

For each project, we determine a flat weekly fee based on the scope of work, including your farmer’s time and supplies.

Our friendly, expert farmers manage every aspect of your garden from planting and pruning to enriching the soil and harvesting your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Seasonal Crop Selection

Your farmer will work with you to identify which vegetables, herbs and fruits you’d like to grow and what will grow best in your garden. For each growing season (spring/summer and fall/winter), we offer a crop guide to help you decide.

Seasonal Planting

Next, your farmer plans your garden and plants the seeds and seedlings for the crops you’ve chosen. Even after harvesting begins, your farmer will continue to plant and seed throughout the season to maximize your harvest.

Regular Maintenance

Typically, we visit your Farmscape at least once a week to tend your vegetable garden. This includes pruning, fertilizing and controlling pests and diseases using organic methods.

Seasonal Harvesting

As your crops ripen, your farmer will harvest everything that’s ready to pick and provide it to you as a part of your regular maintenance.

End-of-Season Maintenance

At the end of each growing season, your farmer will remove any remaining plants and amend the soil for the upcoming season.

Crop Selection For a New Growing Season

Now it’s time for you and your farmer to plan for a new gardening season. You’ll select a variety of new crops and start the growing cycle all over again, from seed to harvest.

Design & Installation

Our farmers collaborate with the design and installation teams to create a comprehensive and cohesive maintenance plan that sets your garden up for success from the start. 


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