The Farmscape team can help guide your project from an initial concept to successful execution. We offer our design-build-maintain services to a diverse range of clients, including single-family homes, commercial campuses, master-planned communities, cities, and colleges.


Whether your site is a master-planned community, a downtown rooftop, or a residential backyard, our design process focuses on creating dynamic spaces that integrate food production and principles of sustainable landscape design. Our passion is creating engaging, productive spaces that are water-wise and thoughtful ecosystems. 

Our extensive experience with food production lends a unique perspective to the design process. Instead of being an afterthought, we highlight food crops, ensuring that they are ideally located for production, access, and ambiance. From there, we’ll work with you to identify complementary landscape elements that incorporate California natives, pollinator gardens, outdoor gathering spaces, and areas for recreation.


We are C-27 licensed landscape contractors, who will work with you to bring your farmscape to fruition. As part of our installations, we typically build raised beds using a variety of materials, filling them with a custom, organic soil blend that yields abundant crops. Fruit trees are sourced based on your preferences and microclimate; these trees are typically “semi-dwarf” size and will yield 50 – 100 pounds annually at maturity.  

Our crews are experienced in installing a variety of hardscapes for pathways and outdoor gathering areas, and will work with you to install drip irrigation that’s water-efficient and easy to adjust seasonally.


Our approach to managing projects draws on our extensive field experience, university extension research, and principles derived from organic, regenerative and sustainable farming practices. 

We are on-site weekly to manage your site – harvesting, pruning, rotating crops, applying organic soil amendments and using organic methods to manage pests. You select your favorite crops from our seasonal crop guides each spring and fall, and your farmer takes it from there. 

For each project, we determine a flat weekly fee based on scope that includes your farmer’s time and supplies. We visit most of our sites on a weekly basis, although our farm team is on-site multiple times per week at our larger project sites.