Farmscape provides comprehensive “design-install-maintain” services, so our clients don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors — and so a clear vision comes through in the creation of each unique space.


Farmscape specializes in producing flavorful, homegrown food, using sustainable landscape design. As expert farmers, we create spaces as beautiful as they are bountiful and ensure that your food crops are ideally located for ambiance and access. We also work with you to incorporate complementary landscape elements, including California native plants, pollinator gardens and outdoor gathering spaces.


As C-27 licensed landscape contractors, the Farmscape team collaborates with clients to bring your vision to life. Fine craftsmanship, including custom carpentry and stonework, sets our work apart. Our raised beds contain a field-tested organic soil blend to boost yield. And we install drip irrigation in your garden to maximize water efficiency and make sure each plant gets the water it needs to thrive.


Farmscape’s knowledgeable and friendly professional gardeners are on-site weekly. We harvest, prune, rotate crops, enrich the soil and use organic methods to manage pests.

Our data-based approach to gardening is rooted in extensive field experience and principles derived from organic and sustainable farming practices.

For each project, Farmscape determines a flat weekly fee that’s based on the scope of work and includes your farmer’s time and supplies.