Every spring, the Farmscape maintenance department does a major overhaul of your garden to get it prepped and planted for summer. We kick it off with our semi-annual Season Switch Meeting, bringing together our 30+ person maintenance team for a week of training, scheduling and planning. We review important notes for each crop we’re growing and best practices for garden planting design.

Drawing on many seasons of experience and data, our farmers review your crop requests to create a planting plan. These plans consider factors such as sun exposure, trellising and garden size. You can expect some back and forth with your farmer during this period to guarantee you get the right quantities and varieties of the crops you love. Your final planting plan is kept on file so that we can review during future planning weeks and build on each year’s successes.

Next, the focus shifts to the physical transformation of the gardens. We work in soil amendments like organic compost and fertilizer to ensure your new crops have a good food supply. We also check your irrigation system to repair any leaks or clogs. Finally, we plant and label your new summer vegetables and set the irrigation timer to establish the new crops. 

It takes an incredible amount of training, organization and execution to plant all of our farms and gardens at the right time. It’s labor we love, and it’s all worth it as soon as we harvest our favorite vegetables and herbs.

If you have any questions about your maintenance services, or if you’d like get started on a new project, contact us today!