Design With Farmscape

John Mireles, one of our design associates, described to me the other day why he chose our field: ​​“Landscape Architecture combines nature and horticulture with history and design, and so it is always interesting. You need to know a little bit about everything to do it well”. I agree! This convergence of disciplines is what makes landscape design so fascinating, and figuring out what to do with your property so challenging. Therefore, we want to tell you a bit about how we approach design, which weaves together our aesthetic preferences as well as our ethics around sustainability.

As a landscape architect, my work at Farmscape focuses on designing and envisioning gardens that echo the spirit of California’s natural landscapes. I began my design journey at USC, which is where I fell in love with California native plants and their unique adaptations to their plant communities in our summer-dry climate. I’ve been a licensed member of the trade for over 15 years, with additional accreditations as a LEED Associate Professional and Watershed Wise Landscape Professional. This set of experience designing gardens supports our mission at Farmscape: to create sustainable, unfussy, vibrant ecosystems that respect our climate, cherish local flora, and evolve gracefully, embodying the harmony between human touch and nature’s wild elegance.

My team of landscape design professionals and I pull from Farmscape maintenance practices on every project. By rethinking land and resource use in California, we’re addressing climate change and water restrictions head-on in every project. Our designs aim to rebuild local food systems, offering spaces that not only grow abundant, organic food but also reconnect individuals with the origins of their meals and the joy of natural spaces. Through our work, we strive to restore harmony between agriculture and the ecosystem, while providing seriously beautiful landscapes.

Our journey together begins with understanding your vision for a garden that thrives in California’s unique climate. We start with a conversation to hear your goals, followed by a site visit to gather essential details. This meticulous process helps us craft a tailored design services proposal, laying the foundation for creating your dream garden, emphasizing sustainable, seasonal beauty.

Reach out to us via the contact form, we look forward to working with you!