Farmscape’s Landscaping and Gardening Services: Where Sustainable Landscape Design Meets Organic Farming

Welcome to Farmscape, where we blend the beauty of eco-friendly landscaping with the bounty of edible gardening. Our unique approach to residential and commercial landscaping marries our love of California farming and native wild spaces. Whether you’re looking for a home landscaping service to grow food in your backyard or a design team to re-imagine your luxury estate or corporate campus, our design-build-maintenance team can assist you today!

At Farmscape, our full-service landscaping team includes design, installation and maintenance professionals, so we can take your farm-to-table project from a sustainable garden design vision through to that first fresh salad you enjoy from your garden. Our end-to-end coordination means less hassle and more enjoyment for you. And we use the same green landscaping philosophy in all project phases.

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Our professional landscaping team brings together multiple disciplines to develop exceptional projects. Our licensed sustainable landscape architecture team focuses on combining your garden design vision with factors such as microclimate and site topography to create a true collaboration with nature. Our landscape installation team specializes in pairing organic and recycled materials with high-end carpentry and hardscape expertise. And our garden maintenance team has produced high produce yields and lush native landscapes across multiple California locales and will visit your site weekly. Farmscape’s collaborative modern landscaping approach is why Fortune 500 companies, World Series winners and Michelin-starred chefs have all trusted us to realize their dream gardens. 

Timber raised beds, stained matte black to match the detailing on the home

Whether you’re interested in a commercial or residential landscaping project, we want to collaborate with you! We start the process with a brief phone call to learn about your project goals, constraints and timeline; normally, we can give rough estimates for home landscaping over the phone. From there, we’ll decide as a team on the best approach forward, whether it’s a landscape design services phase or a quick raised bed installation project. As we move through the project together, we’ll be checking in about how garden landscape design decisions will impact your property and budget, ensuring  you’re educated about the landscaping and gardening options available. 

Sustainable landscaping starts with a detailed site assessment with our landscape architecture team at your project site. Our design team leads have decades of experience and bring precision, creativity and amazing listening skills to each consultation. During this visit, we’ll learn which types of vegetables, fruits and herbs you prefer and how much you want to grow and will begin to discuss varieties and yields so we can appropriately size your edible garden spaces. In addition, we’ll study your topography, drainage and irrigation system; make notes about materials, sun patterns and plant material; and inform you of any local rules and regulations the project team may need to consider.  (If you have a survey and any images of garden landscape designs you like, that will help save  costly design hours and unnecessary revisions.) 

We are proud to be one of the few landscape companies in California to be both extraordinary organic farmers as well as licensed C-27 landscape contractors. That means our installers can build complex landscape projects, from drainage through lighting, while still growing a perfect carrot. Our installation team prides itself on sourcing the highest-quality natural materials — from raw cedar to organic crops — to ensure every Farmscape looks and performs beautifully. We often work by hand to avoid disrupting the soil structure and keep the noise impact for you to a minimum.  And we share an office with your landscape designer, so we check in daily about your garden landscape design as it comes to life.

Timber raised beds, stained matte black to match the detailing on the home

To guarantee the longevity and vitality of your landscape, Farmscape offers tailored maintenance programs. Our team will guide the success of your project as it matures and changes, coming by weekly to maintain and harvest food crops, prune and weed perennials, and adjust lighting and irrigation. During these visits, we’ll check in via your preferred method (in person or by email) to keep you informed about what’s happening in your garden and share news about harvests and weather. We also keep detailed notes that we share with your design and install team so we can continue to refine and support your garden landscaping — the Farmscape way. 

At Farmscape, we believe that every outdoor space can be transformed into a harmonious blend of beauty and sustainability. Click here to learn more about our philosophy.

Ready to become the steward of your personal California ecosystem? It’s never a bad time to start landscaping in California So fill out our contact form today and schedule a consultation with one of our leaders at Farmscape. We look forward to growing with you.