Landscape & Garden Design for Luxury California Homes

At Farmscape, we believe that every outdoor space can be transformed into a harmonious blend of beauty and sustainability. Sustainable landscaping and gardening at Farmscape is an integrated philosophy that guides every decision by our design, installation and maintenance teams. In practice, that means we work with site conditions to enhance the rhythms of nature and nourish people, pollinators and soil on all our projects.

Premium, sustainable garden design is the new luxury, as homeowners want a space that reflects their commitment to the environment and provides an organic food source for their family. At Farmscape, our approach to garden design integrates this environmental ethos — without sacrificing beauty — to complement high-end California homes. Our team of top-tier landscape architects, craftsmen and organic farmers can deliver a personalized garden design that will nourish your family and friends while maintaining an eco-friendly landscape for birds and butterflies to enjoy.

raised bed gardens
Raised bed flowers and vegetables

In the past, luxury landscaping was all about the bling: lots of impermeable imported stone, thirsty tropical plants and high-gloss finishes. Today, California landscaping is more focused on what each homeowner can do for the environment. Farmscape’s modern landscape designs are tailored to your luxury home and provide a chance to steward your particular environment in alignment with your ethics — the best of both worlds. We specialize in gorgeous, modern landscape designs that reflect our obsession with farm-to-table living and California estates.

Just as we offer unique design solutions for different homeowners, Farmscape personalizes our services to each client’s individual landscaping goals. Irrigating the landscape with rainwater captured and stored in underground cisterns is how one estate in San Mateo defines success. A private home orchard and raised-bed garden that provides a personalized organic food source is another example of eco-friendly opulence. Gorgeous, handmade lumber and stone finishes may contribute to your unique definition of home. As you get started, think about what your vision of top-tier sustainable landscape design is.

Farmscape is renowned for integrating exclusive outdoor features into our opulent landscaping projects. While we’re experts at working with sustainable lumber products for raised beds and decks, we’ve also incorporated a number of high-end features into backyard landscaping. For instance, one homeowner in Northern California with a love of pop art wanted to add some bright colors to their landscape design. Enter Farmscape, with unique fire-engine red curved planters to navigate the unusual landscape. Additionally, we worked with a homeowner in Culver City who wanted to add a show-stopping feature to their small backyard. Our sustainable landscape architecture team sourced a stunning moon archway and covered it with edible passion fruit vines, creating a unique and elegant focal point for the small modern garden.

Farmscape’s approach to garden design is highly personalized. Understanding that each luxury homeowner has unique tastes and preferences, we ensure every project reflects their individual lifestyle, creating a garden as unique as the owner. We’re fluent in a variety of different aesthetics, including modern landscaping — as shown in this custom project in Sherman Oaks. The homeowner wanted to turn a shady corner of their yard into a modern masterpiece. Our landscaping architects rose to the challenge, crafting a concrete and burnt wood raised-bed scheme that produces abundant organic produce for the young family.

raised bed garden
Garden outside a home

We believe high-end sustainable landscaping can look great while helping your household get off the grid and feed themselves while using the rainwater that falls on the property. Our landscaping service focuses on providing homegrown, zero-carbon-footprint organic fruits and vegetables. What’s more bespoke than growing all your own food on your estate or home, and really knowing your farmer as they come to tend the produce every week? Going a step further, many of our estates now engage directly with our professional landscaping irrigation design team that can take the rainwater that falls on your property and integrate it back into your landscape. We’re one of the few landscaping companies in California that focus on this organic service, and we’re experts in Southern and Northern California farming and landscaping techniques.

Farmscape specializes in creating sustainable outdoor living spaces, whether focusing on backyard or front yard landscaping. These areas expand the usability of your California home, providing an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment. And you can use them after dark, thanks to our team of highly skilled outdoor lighting professionals. Our installers use a variety of eco-friendly lighting technologies, including smart controllers, and can install a product that sets your local sunset time automatically so you never have to adjust for daylight savings. We are lighting minimalists, ensuring that pollinators (and you and your neighbors) don’t have their circadian rhythms disrupted by spotlights. Our lighting schemes focus on gently highlighting gorgeous features on your property and safe wayfinding, so you can enjoy your garden landscaping 24 hours a day.

Now that you’ve seen how some of California’s most forward-thinking estates define luxury, you may want to take a look at our residential portfolio. You’ll find detailed case studies that highlight Farmscape’s expertise in high-end landscape and garden design. These projects demonstrate our ability to transform California estates into magnificent landscapes that nourish and enrich people, pollinators and Mother Earth.

Farmscape’s collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to tailor our services to your specific needs. Our consultation and design process is a testament to our commitment to delivering personalized, top-tier landscaping solutions. Looking to elevate your outdoor space? Farmscape offers exclusive consultations. Contact us today to discuss how our luxury landscape and garden design services can be customized for your unique sustainable California home.